Why Don't You Quit Leavin Me Alone
Written by B. Tench

Surely you remember this old resort hotel
It's pink and white all over
And historical as hell
And Scott & Zelda stayed here
And you and me as well
At least that's how the story goes the porters like to tell

Now a cold hard rain comes pourin down
It wasn't like this last time around
There's no calm center to this storm
Oh baby why don't you quit leavin me alone

There's nothin on the tv
No message on the phone
And nothin but an awful lot of nothin goin on
And every radio station plays the same forsaken song
You'd think I woulda had the sense to leave this place alone

Some dreams die with dignity
They fade out clean and quietly
But some won't let you let em go
Oh baby why don't you quit leavin me alone

The same old corner bedroom
Seven storeys up
That overlooks the window that overlooks the gulf
The same old sleepy porter with the after-hours stuff
I think I'll kick the walls around and beat myself up

Ethan Johns: Leslie Guitar
Don Was: Bass
Jeremy Stacey: Drums
The Section Quartet: Strings