Veronica Said
Written by B. Tench

Veronica stared at the ring on her hand
She said nothing in life goes according to plan
For you cannot control what you can't understand
So you take what you can and you hold it

Veronica shivered and paused for effect
Pulled her windbreaker tight, lit a fresh cigarette
She said nothing turns out like you're led to expect
So you make what you can of the moment

And the wind's blowin cold on the waterfront tonight
The winter's so close you can taste it
We got nothin but plenty of time on our hands
And so many ways we can waste it

Veronica straightened and looked at the sky
Turned her back to the moon as it started to rise
She said not every word in this world is a lie
Those who cannot trust cannot be trusted

Off in the dark someone laughed at a joke
Veronica's eyes caught the night as she spoke
She said I'll tell you one thing, it isn't all smoke
You can raise yourself up, you can lay yourself low
You can receive the most inconceivable blow
But wherever you are and wherever you go
There is one thing to see there is one thing to know
So hold on to this tight and hold on to it close
It'll serve you and save you in high & hollow
That whatever the depth to which you sink below
No true innocent can be corrupted

Ethan Johns, Blake Mills, Benmont Tench: Electric Guitars
Don Was: Bass
Jeremy Stacey: Drums & Percussion
Joel Jerome, Ethan Johns: Harmony Vocals